MJ's Arcade

Machines in my current lineup...
     Attack from Mars #2  
     Revenge from Mars (FS/FT)  
     The Simpsons Pinball Party  
     White Water  
      Ms. Pac-Man Cocktail  

Machines I'm looking for in order of desirability...
     Monster Bash  
     Iron Man  
     Dark Knight  
     Lord of the Rings  
     The Shadow  
     ... a few select EMs ...  

Machines I've previously owned...
     The Addams Family  
     Attack from Mars #1  
     Fish Tales  
     Flip Flop  
     High Speed  
     Medieval Madness  
     Solar Fire  
     Star Trek The Next Generation 
     Terminator 2 (FS/FT)  
     World Cup Soccer  
     Ms. Pac-Man 2  
     Ms. Pac-Man  
     Other stuff...  

Flyers, plastics and other promo items.

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